Example Uses

Bulk purging test objects via console

The combination of eulfedora and interactive Python or Django’s shell provides a simple but powerful console interface to Fedora. For example, if you loaded a bunch of test or demo objects to a test or development Fedora instance and you wanted to remove them, you could purge them with eulfedora as follows. This example assumes a django project with Fedora settings configured and eulfedora already installed (see eulfedora.server for documentation on supported Django settings). First, start up the Django console:

$ python manage.py shell

Inside the Django shell, import Repository and your Django settings to easily initialize a Repository connection to your configured Fedora (in this example, we’re accessing the repository that is configured for testing):

>>> from eulfedora.server import Repository
>>> from django.conf import settings
>>> repo = Repository(settings.FEDORA_TEST_ROOT, \
...    settings.FEDORA_TEST_USER, settings.FEDORA_TEST_PASSWORD)
>>> for o in repo.find_objects(pid__contains='test-obj:*'):
...     repo.purge_object(o.pid)

This example will find and purge all objects in the test-obj pidspace. Of course, you could easily find objects by ownerId, title text, or any of the other fields supported by find_objects().